Our biodynamic olive oil

The sun and the rain water are its only food

Our return to nature should relieve us from anything artificial and offspring of chemistry or machine. In this way you will taste the highest degree of balance and perfection of Nature.

Under this perception we proceeded to biodynamic growing of olives here, in the family estates located in Thermissia Argolis (Peloponnese, Greece).

Biodynamic farming is the respect for the natural and proper growth of plants and animals. Therefore any kind of fertilization or, any kind of sprayings are NOT used in the trees of our land. In fact our olive trees are not even watered in order to get just what nature gives us in this climate and location.

The result? The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil, better than Organic Olive Oil, without any intervention during growth and ripening of the fruit on trees. We are proud of this fine product of the Greek Countryside and we are happy to share it with quality food lovers and connoisseurs of its therapeutic / nutritional properties

Enjoy it!


Production process

We call the “Zeus” olive oil Unique, since it is collected from old olive trees of the "Manaki" variety, on a high sunny mountain of Greek countryside. The trees with only the assistance of Sun and Rain ater, produce their fruit every two years in a small, limited amount (about 5 tons) and give a product of high nutritional value for humans.

We have started the procedures for certifications (Certified Biodynamic Cultivation Olive) but already our olive oil is headed PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and its chemical analysis shows the wonderful ingredients and the absence of chemical or other fertilizers.

Also the collection is done by hand without the use of any machine, and Pressing the fruit is done within 2 hours after collection with Cold Process (low temperatures up to 27 Celsius degrees in order to keep all the vitamins and nutrients of the olive oil ).

It is surely worth a try!


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Greek biodynamic extra virgin olive oil




Greek biodynamic extra virgin olive oil


The nutritional value of olive oil is now undeniable, as it contains valuable nutrients for the body and general health, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and monounsaturated fatty acids.

The reference to the Hippocratic Corpus of more than sixty medicinal uses of olive oil shows the importance it holds. It is a product that protects against tuberculosis, rheumatism, while it helps to heal wounds. Also it reduces bad cholesterol, while it seems to raise the good one, and is a shield against cancer and aging as well.

Olive oil is the main ingredient of the food pyramid of the Mediterranean diet, The latter is a proper healthy diet, as it prevents and treats various diseases while offering longevity too.

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